If we want the American Dream to live on, we need your help: Employers, invest in your talent to offer the best, most cutting
Before you guys get crazy at Electric Zoo this weekend, take a hot second to check out a Huffington Post exclusive. EDX just
MIT professor Anant Agarwal explains how his nonprofit online university, edX, uses technology to educate refugees for free.
MIT professor Anant Agarwal explains how his non-profit online university edX is using technology to provide refugees education for free
Anant Agarwal, MIT Professor and CEO of edX, explains why he believes using new technology is the key to providing affordable higher education for everyone.
Morgan Richards, a 31-year-old mother of three, is a trendsetter in her pursuit of a university degree.
Coding, otherwise known as programming, was at some point something that only the nerdiest of nerds knew about, the same nerds that established a solid foundation for what we call the Web today.
With the help of edX, a platform for Massive Open Online Classes, or MOOCs, we were able to teach thousands of students from around the globe how to produce solution-based journalism that drives social change.
Table 1: The Matrix of Social Evolution: Four System Levels, Four Levels of Consciousness Collective Governance: Making the
I don't think that brick-and-mortar universities will be obsolete soon, but can definitely become better with new initiatives like BreadX. Technology is never a substitute, but a complement to make things better.