"The world lost a true hero today, a Renaissance man who was a relentless warrior for our freedom."
The Librarian of Congress made it legal for consumers to unlock their computing devices and run any software they wish.
Will body cameras be a tool for police reform? Only if bad policy doesn't get in the way.
In 2015, emailing your U.S. representative and senators is still far harder than it should be. The appropriately titled Democracy.io
Nevertheless, a leaked draft of the pact's intellectual property chapter revealed language very similar to the deeply controversial
Reddit is donating 10 percent of its 2014 revenue to a number of noteworthy organizations whose missions fall in line with
The near monopolists are at bat and are swinging for the fences in a bid to kill open Internet rules and dominate the online ecosystem. I see FCC Chairman Wheeler on the mound, trying to decide what to pitch while millions of interested parties fill the stands.
I had a great epiphany on the train last week which was that I'm beginning to see hacking not merely as cracking codes, or as Richard Stallman says "playful cleverness", but as man's will to deconstruct things in order to rebuild them into something better.
"This case can and should be dismissed now," added EFF Staff Attorney Vera Ranieri. "The specter of expensive litigation
Snapchat received just one star, for its policy of publishing law enforcement guidelines. The group said those improvements
Let us provide some context to those who relied on the Times's (non-existent) coverage of SOPA, prior to January 18th.
Peter Ludlow, a philosophy professor at Northwestern University, wrote in The Nation that the prosecution of hacktivists
WASHINGTON -- WikiLeaks on Wednesday published a critical chapter of an international trade deal the United States is currently
Watching conventional wisdom form in Washington can be appalling. The emerging consensus on surveillance this past week has D.C.'s pundit class saying that privacy violations are a small price to pay for keeping Americans safe. But conventional wisdom is wrong.
Go ahead, jailbreak your cellphone. But just know that tablet computer of yours is off limits. It permits the circumvention
"Without legal protections in place," she said, "it could be relatively easy for the government or private companies to amass
Our lives are increasingly contained on our digital devices, which makes travel -- and the decisions we make about what to carry with us -- increasingly complicated.