effects of divorce

Michelle says after her divorce six years ago, her children moved on with their lives without her, so she turned to her friends
There is nothing worse than feeling like your parent just gave up on you and forgot about you.
"A lot of studies have found that children who live in separated families fare poorer on various social and emotional outcomes
Post-traumatic stress disorder is a normal emotional and psychological reaction to trauma (a painful or shocking experience) that exists outside of someone’s normal life experiences.
Keep in mind, children don’t acquire self-esteem all at once and it fluctuates. They may see themselves positively in one
According to a new paper published in the Journal Of Men's Health, divorce can take a great mental and physical toll on men
One of the messages in "Little Children Big Challenges" is that parents need to care for themselves in healthy ways in order to be effective parents. Much of difficulty that children experience is when their parents are distracted and distressed.
After my dad’s "friend" left, my dad came into my room and we had what seemed like the hardest conversation ever. I don't
I had no relationship with my mother following the move. A school year passed and I was left wondering when "sometime" would
One of the most consistent research findings that explore the effects of divorce on children is that the results are inconsistent.
When kindergarten-age children witnessed conflict between their parents, this eventually lead to issues in their teenage years, including depression and anxiety.
Dr. Bahman Guyuron, the study's lead author, found that women who have had multiple marriages (including widows and divorcees
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