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1322: Artificial insemination (referred to as AI until the 1980s) was first used successfully by the Arabs on mares.
They didn't update my medical information when I notified them. I have contact with 1/5 of my recipients. She was my 3rd
Donor conception can be talked about openly and honestly between loving parents and their donor children. Telling is just the beginning though. And having a curious child in no way lessons your importance or significance as a parent. It is an innate human desire to want to know where we come from.
HuffPost Blogger Justine Griffin joins HuffPost Live to talk about her experience as an egg donor.
The eggs in my ovaries made me valuable. Without them, there is no in vitro fertilization, no surrogate mothers, no baby-making business. As it unfolded, I began to feel like a commodity rather than a human being, a means to an end on the infant assembly line.
Comedian Emma Tattenbaum-Fine joins HuffPost Live to discuss her search for her biological father.
A while ago, I was thinking of adopting a child. When I told a friend, she asked, "But don't you want any of your own?" I was floored. Years later, a co-worker always referred to her friend's kid as "Lisa's adopted baby." That would be like saying, "Lisa's egg donor baby."
For women it sometimes feels like once we get to a certain age, we are destined to hand over control of our bodies to another being, along with whatever hopes and dreams we had for ourselves.
There are countless ways to have a baby, and all of them are essentially irrelevant to actually becoming a parent.
One-third of the websites examined in the study paid donors more for having presumably desirable traits, and more than half
Naming the beneficiary of my eggs in the event something happens to me is not like donating organs; my eggs could create a new life with a piece of me after I'm gone.
In my imagination, I always thought having a biological child or adopting one would equally fulfill the mother in me. Or at least that is what I thought until a few weeks ago.
Take it from someone who's been there: Trying to conceive a child can be a heartbreaking but fully worthwhile journey, especially when choosing a nontraditional method of conception.
I often think about the young woman known in my household as Angel Cate, whose egg made this child possible.
The issue has sparked a backlash from parents of children who came from donor eggs, who argue they should have a say in choosing