egg freezing

Family planning discussions can be a little intimidating. Here's how to take some of the stress out of it.
Consider this your ultimate guide.
About one in five women became pregnant after freezing their eggs, most of them conceiving naturally or through IVF.
It offers the chance to sequence our work and personal lives if we so choose.
Among them are also considerable number of celebrities. Chinese actress and director Xu Jinglei is one of them. In July 2015
Still, real concerns remain between the hype and hope about freezing eggs for a later pregnancy. Here are a few factors to consider:
Extend Fertility breaks the rules in terms of revolutionizing egg freezing - lowering the price, making it more accessible
Babies born from frozen eggs are still not that common.
Getting or staying pregnant is not easy for everyone -- for some, it can take time and money. While you might not be thinking of having kids right now, having a conversation with a physician about fertility while still in your early 30s could provide benefit later on.
"Delayed child-bearing" is a term used to refer to women who wait until much later in life to have their first child. Unfortunately, for many career women who delay child-bearing, it is a hard slap in the face when receiving a diagnosis of infertility after they cannot conceive naturally later in life; I was one of those women.
As a 34-year-old woman fast approaching 35, I feel not only biology at my back, but also society and life. Pressure to defy the egg cliff coming from all angles. I don't yet have children and I am all too aware that I am at that critical age.
There's a way to help keep your options open as life races forward. Fertility preservation offers women a safe and effective way to freeze or preserve eggs at their current age in order to help maximize their fertility in the future.
Having the freedom to kick the proverbial can down the road is a freedom Nature doesn't afford women. If I'm the right age to cryopreserve and so many people I know say they want it, why am I the only woman I know with a box full of drugs in her living room?
Today's advances in medical treatment have helped more cancer survivors start or add to families. To optimize your results, work closely with your oncologist and consult a fertility specialist immediately - before treatment. That way, you can make the best decision for your health and your future family.
I want women to know to just freeze their eggs if they want to. And for younger women, take a minute when you're in your 20's or 30's and just freeze them if you think having kids later in life is important to you. Because life happens - and sometimes things you think will line up, don't.