Mixologists show us how to work some magic with this creamy holiday drink.
Merry Christmas with love and laughter from the Zezimas. Stamford Advocate humor columnist Jerry Zezima is the author of
For those of us who observe Advent, we know that Christmas, far from ending December 26, is a two week festival lasting until Epiphany on January 6. So that means there's no rush! Let your parties and gift-giving unfold leisurely over the holiday season.
Egg-free eggnog may sound like an oxymoron.
Holiday revelers can pack on up to 10 pounds every Christmas season. Many of us look forward to the treats that come out only once a year but some of our favorite holiday goodies pack a wallop of fat, calories, sugar and carbs.
Now go forth and 'nog your way to holiday party host of the year.
It is a brutal war. One that pits brother against brother, elf against gnome, reindeer against reindeer, and worst of all, Santa Claus vs. the Martians.
Sugarplums, stollen, and Christmas pudding. What exactly are these foods? We're breaking it down for you.
Holiday Gift Guide More from You'll be claiming Angelo as your own relative after just one sip of this delightful
So she became curious as to how many other eggnog cartons had been underappreciated in the far flung corners of North America
You can spike your nog with anything you like -- rum, bourbon, and brandy are the most common choices.
For all the drama around this holiday drink, I'll bet you don't know the first thing about its origins.
Festive drinks have been around for centuries. For hundreds of years people in different cultures throughout the world have spent an extra amount of effort and time to create special, seasonal drinks only consumed during the winter months and around the holidays.
Yo I need to speak on something that's been bothering me for a minute... and I'm sure it's bothering many of y'all reading this: What the hell is wrong with today's eggnog??
It has a silky texture and a serenely rich flavor that would be good in "cream" pies, puddings, shakes and soups.
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