eggs Benedict

This cheater trick will help you poach a perfect and delicious egg, and what is even better, you can add seasonings and poach more than one at a time for larger servings!
Make “The Lower East Side” Jon Hess’ way, or not at all.
Already wondering where to brunch this weekend?
2. You've hashtagged "#brunch" more times than you'd care to admit. #SorryNotSorry 3. You feel like the universe snubbed
Everyone loves ordering Eggs Benedict out in a restaurant -- but what about making them at home? There's always a fear about whether eggs can be poached properly or whether the hollandaise will come together.
As if Americans weren't confused enough about Hollandaise sauce.
It's a time-honored NYC tradition that, in its most basic form, involves Bloody Mary's and Eggs Benedict. While I was in London, it became obvious real quick that on Sundays the English either have breakfast, lunch, dinner or a Roast -- with a capital R.
Served on crab cakes, topped with satsuma hollandaise sauce.
And we're not talking about cereal and yogurt here, we mean the greasy spoon diner breakfast menu items like hashbrowns, waffles
Fifty Shades of Grey has been turning up at brunches all over the Upper East Side.
It's National Eggs Benedict Day on Saturday, April 16. To properly honor this prestigious, egg-tastic holiday, we've picked
There are some Chicago chefs who probably deserve immortality, forty virgins or whatever their idea of heaven is for their ways with Eggs Benedict.