With the revolution in Egypt, freedom can be misunderstood. Locals are learning that on a busy urban street, unbridled freedom can become a straitjacket for all.
"I think we will do very well," one of the men said softly. "Maybe not in this area, because the people here are not very
A woman appeared at the gate of a local school, her inked-dipped pinkie proof positive that she had succeeded in what the rest of us stuck in a three-hour long line still aspired to: voting.
But by most accounts, the judges who oversaw each voting station lived up to their reputation for independence, handling
Reports from Cairo and Alexandria, the two biggest cities scheduled to vote Monday, indicated a number of simple logistical
Take a look at a list of some of the main parties in this year's election below. Elliot Abrams of the Council on Foreign
It is clear that Egyptians recognize the honor their accomplishment of January has earned them worldwide. They also recognize the responsibility.
CNN's Ben Wedeman, who spent much of Sunday tweeting pictures of campaign flyers strewn across Cairo and the simplified hieroglyphs
CAIRO -- Raied Salama sat in a small office, eyeing the clock on the wall of his political party's headquarters, a few blocks
"It feels like my eyes are burning," the boy, who said he was from Giza, cried out after he had finally composed himself
Protests in Cairo's Tahrir Square entered a fourth day on Tuesday, as thousands of demonstrators prepared to hold a "March
Yesterday, the newspaper Al Masry Al Youm uploaded a video that appears to show Egyptian security forces ruthlessly beating
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CAIRO -- Security officers from the Egyptian Interior Ministry attempted to clear a few remaining protesters from Tahrir
Government clamps down on opposition as Hosni Mubarak, the president, announces date for parliamentary elections. Read more