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It said Sabalan later flew to Doha and met with Al Jazeera news editor Ibrahim Hilal and a senior Qatari intelligence officer
In a separate case, a judge sentenced a prominent Islamist preacher and politician to seven years in jail on charges of forging
“We are all human beings,” Noujaim said. “Reminding ourselves of our humanity is a very simple idea, but I think it couldn’t
By losing our influence with Cairo, the United States is on a path to becoming marginalized in this critical part of the world. Leaders in other American allies, including Israel, Jordan and Saudi Arabia are frustrated by Washington's unwillingness to assist itself in the Middle East.
The White House has faced pressure to halt aid since the Egyptian military deposed democratically elected President Mohammed
Until then, life goes on at the gatherings, where electricity cables reach most tents. Vendors sell pocket-sized Korans, hairbrushes
The army, which enjoys popular support and considerable control over the economy, has promised elections within six months
Turkey and Iran were quick to condemn the military takeover. Does this new-found unanimity mean a new era of closer relations between the two countries? It is important to keep in mind that Ankara and Tehran have very different reasons for taking this stance.
Approximately two and a half years after the revolution in Egypt, what is happening today has led me to question the past, present and the future of the Arab Spring.
Sharif Kouddous joins Ahmed to discuss the military massacre of 42 Muslim Brotherhood members in Egypt.
Another of its politicians said Morsi's overthrow would push other groups, though not his own, to violent resistance. Following
CAIRO (AP) -- A statement on the Egyptian president's office's Twitter account has quoted Mohammed Morsi as calling military
Security forces stormed the studio of Al-Jazeera Misr Mubasher and detained the staffers. The station, a branch of Qatari
The confrontation has pushed the most populous Arab nation closer to the brink amid a deepening economic crisis two years
Egypt's armed forces on Monday handed the president a virtual ultimatum to share power, giving feuding politicians 48 hours
It will take courage, patience, smarts -- and a flood of examples of heroes acting bravely for a common good. Let the politicians learn from the people. Egyptians need to get this right. And they don't have a lot of time.
"Having signed the petition, are you not afraid that a civil war could erupt in Egypt if Morsi is removed?" I asked my taxi driver. He replied: "I am afraid. I am very afraid. But I am afraid more that there would be no Egypt left if the Brothers stay in power."
Egypt is holding its breath as opponents and supporters of President Mohammed Morsi clashed in several cities on Friday. Opposition
He said he did not intend to leave Egypt forever and would return "when the time is right", despite being on an official