A viral, bizarre interview with Drew Barrymore in an Egyptair magazine was too ridiculous for people to believe, and the actress’ reps are saying that she didn’t even participate in the interview.
Barrymore's rep told HuffPost the actress did not participate in an interview with the airline's magazine, Horus.
The ban already applies to many flights from the Middle East and North Africa.
Checking expensive equipment and devices holding sensitive information could be a huge problem.
All 66 people on board the flight died on May 19.
The plane crashed into the Mediterranean en route from Paris to Cairo in May, killing all 66 people on board.
It comes one day after search teams found the cockpit voice recorder.
Search teams have been looking for the downed plane since it crashed with 66 people on board.
The plane mysteriously went down last month, carrying 66 people on board.
A French vessel picked up underwater pings from one of the black boxes.