Egyptian Armed Forces

No group has claimed responsibility, but Egyptian forces are battling a stubborn Islamic State affiliate in the region.
No group has claimed responsibility, but officials said gunmen brandished an Islamic State flag.
While the violent authoritarianism of Egypt's president has complicated relations with Western allies, President Trump has developed a close bond with him.
“Apostasy, sorcery, claiming the ability to tell the future, and leading people to polytheism.”
President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has expanded a brutal, internationally-condemned crackdown on dissent and purported terror threats.
While the U.S. can try to exert pressure for a quick return to a democratic state, ultimately it will be up to the Egyptian military to move the country forward. But its promise of a roadmap for reconciliation will face great challenges because the country is so deeply divided, and the Muslim Brotherhood will be more energized than ever.
Egyptians deserve speedy and easy visibility on how democracy will be instituted. The U.S. has to be very careful not to be associated with the Egyptian military, but instead with the democratic forces that hopefully will take power.