ehud olmert

Trump's attack on Benjamin Netanyahu for congratulating the president-elect is "absolutely crazy; he is a pathetic man,” said Ehud Olmert.
He was serving a 27-month prison term for corruption.
Olmert will spend 19 months behind bars for corruption.
He will begin serving his prison term on Feb. 15.
It seems nearly inconceivable today that Israel would become a single state with a Palestinian Arab government. But it was once inconceivable that South Africa would be led by a black government.
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is about to turn to the UN to ask for membership in some 15 organizations Palestinians have access to since they received non-member status at the UN in 2012. This might create a huge problem.
The Israelis and the Palestinians view the settlements enterprise from a completely different perspective that defines their strategic objectives and is becoming increasingly irreconcilable every time Israel announces the building of new housing units.