1 cup Rice 1/2 cup water 1 cup Sugar Food Colouring or Turmeric (to make rice yellow) 1/4 teaspoon Cardamon Powder Few Pineapple
This recipe is made in two parts, the filling and the batter. Typically eaten with a chutney of your choice and can be in
Today I will be showing How to make Pakora. CLICK 2 TWEET Ingredients for Pakora: Onions - 2 sliced Fenugreek Leave - A handful
Anti-ESA Advocacy Gutting the Endangered Species Act In a report titled "Sue and Settle: Regulating Behind Closed Doors," the
Eid prayers and gatherings broke out this week in cities including Jerusalem, Belgrade and Beijing.
The Syrian leader showed no signs of backing down ahead of a U.S.-Russia-brokered ceasefire.
American Muslims are no different than Muslims around the world for centuries- stubborn and never in agreement as to when our holidays are to take place on the calendar.
The important Muslim holiday will fall on Sept. 12 this year.
Illustrator Sarah Taibah shares reflections on her work and Eid al-Fitr from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
One realization I have every Ramadan is that I am capable of so much more than I give myself credit for (as are most of us). Set goals and believe in yourself. All the while remembering in the difficult times, Allah SWT is near and responsive! Draw close to Him through obedience and gratitude.
"This isn’t just a day of worship for us. It’s a celebration of community."
Internal investigations are underway to reveal the identity of perpetrators and whether or not the attacks were coordinated. Until then, it is safe to say that all three cases carry ISIS-like fingerprints, both in terms of execution and motives.