eiffel tower

A man shut down the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France after climbing almost 900 feet up the tourist attraction.
Nighttime pictures of the Paris monument can violate French law.
We "honor the victims of the anti-Semitic attack," tweeted Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo.
Metal fencing has also been installed to stop vehicles from driving onto the grounds
Even hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico, currently grappling with a crisis of its own, mourned with the city of Las Vegas.
The City of Lights dimmed its iconic monument to show solidarity with Catalonia.
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The man was quickly stopped after trying to force his way into the tower on Saturday.
When presented with a tall obstacle, fire ants construct towers that look a lot like a famous one in Paris.
“Horror struck Sweden at its heart today," Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo says.
Paris mourns for those killed and injured in London's terror attack.
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