Let's not leave planetary science out of this discussion. In July, Juno finally reached Jupiter and began examining the beautiful
Find more on Ellienewman.com & Facebook And then that got me thinking about our country's educational system, and that got
Other scientists, according to an article by Eric Metaxas in the Wall Street Journal, believe that the evidence of God's
The play's title is a reference to the scientific principle arguing that the more precisely one particular factor of matter
That's why, amidst all the rhetoric being bandied about in recent days, I am most incensed by the idea that the vile and
More sinned against than sinner, " goes the old expression, but what is sin and what the relationship of the sinner to the
Well, I really interpret the letter you refer to in your article ["Censorpship & Upcoming Royal Society Evo Meeting"] as
My mother, who had chirped the lullaby, "Rock-a-bye, baby," in my ear every day when I was an infant, pointed out that, in
3. We judge mistakes... even make fun of ourselves and others. A better tactic is to look beyond the error and learn from
From the standpoint of the great traditions of enlightenment, it's the awakening to the limitless ocean of peace, bliss, freedom