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Police say that the man assumed a "shooting stance" after pulling out the vape pen.
Pointing a gun at someone having a mental health episode is "like pouring gasoline on a fire."
The officers were seeking suspects in a purse snatching, which had occurred at a nearby drug store. The "probable cause" used for the stop was the physical description: two black males, one taller than the other. "You're kidding, right?" asked the passenger. Well, they weren't kidding. They were serious.
Buckingham and Gomez aren't the only ones who can't wait until Black Friday. A number of retailers, including Target and
If the only justice Trayvon Martin's family can receive is the street kind, then the image of justice in America will have been greatly tarnished. Justice in our country is supposed to be delivered at the end of a legal trial from a jury of one's peers, not at the end of a vigilante's gun.
Collier is suspected of killing his baby daughter in his truck, then torching his home, in a dramatic series of events that