In self-obsessed times such as these, it can be tough to remember there may have been civilizations long before ours. The
The North Rupununi is today recognized again as an astonishing haven for wildlife. However, neighboring Roraima State - with
The gradual devastation of the Amazon--the felling of thousands of square miles of forest, the clear-cutting of the jungle
Mireles was a handsome 24-year-old with a pregnant 16-year-old girlfriend on November 23rd, 2007, when he apparently decided to bring Sander back to his hotel room and brutally murder her.
Believe it or not, flooding is the #1 cause of weather-related fatalities in this country. Sure, tornadoes and hurricanes get a lot of attention, but flooding kills the most.
For 12 of the 463 children taken from their parents at the FLDS community in Texas, a higher court found that the "round-them-all-up and let's-sort-it-all-out-later" approach is illegal and wrong.
The massive raids on the polygamist ranch in West Texas were sparked by phone calls from a teenage girl in the compound who
The Today Show did a piece this morning on the reasoning behind Fundamentalist Mormon clothing. They invited two former Fundamentalist
Three of the mothers of hundreds of children who were removed from a polygamist compound in West Texas appeared on the Today
Mothers separated from their children as part of a wide-ranging abuse investigation within a polygamist retreat accuse state
Oh, and if you think my concern with their hair is, well, inappropriate considering the rampant sexual abuse rumors running
There is nothing so dangerous for a child as an insular, patriarchical religious organization and the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints is one of the scariest examples.