El Gordo y la Flaca

It's the biggest lottery in the world in terms of total payouts -- and multiple people scooped the top 400,000 Euro prize.
They'll undoubtedly get you into the festive spirit.
The actor apparently got angry over a question about his son.
TV networks should do their part reprimanding racist marks and by representing us more fairly in their programming. Latinos come in all races, colors and flavors; which is why 'mejorar la raza' shouldn't have a place in our community.
We can be romantically involved with, or be children to or parents of people of color, and experience moments of prejudice, and yes, racism. We can have mothers and sisters and wives and daughters -- we can be women -- and fall into sexist patterns of thought and action.
In an exclusive interview with HuffPost Voces, the president of programming and content at Univision, Alberto Ciurana, hinted
Héctor “Macho” Camacho would’ve turned 51, yet he passed away at 50 after being ambushed in a parking lot. Away from the