El Nino

This type of development response helps to prevent future crises and ensures more people move out of poverty and into a life
This 'new normal' demands a different way of doing things, both in our actions to reduce and adapt to the impacts of climate
Of course, insurance of any kind only works if you take it out before a natural disaster, not afterwards. That may seem painfully
SOLAR KEEPS FLYING Burning Up: 31 large (1,000+ acres) US wildfires are now burning in the west; the wildfire season has
The climate disaster has dried up reservoirs and devastated crops.
Temperatures topped 100 -- unusual for this time of year -- and rainfall has been scant.
But none of this kept the ever-optimistic local TV station's Storm Watch team, lathered into a frenzy at the possibility
Climate change is destroying Earth's largest coral ecosystem.
So, what are the seasons like where you live? Are you lucky enough to live in Florida, Southern California or Hawaii? Feel
But what about all this still-incredibly-warm water? Another monsoon is about to clobber the U.S. (the only really important
We know that agri-food science can play a major role in combatting some of the world's most pressing development challenges, from drought, to floods, to rapid population growth and urbanization.
Biofuels Dirty Secret - is that their farms replace important carbon absorbing forests and grasslands, as a palm oil farm
* * A Psychedelic Vision, the Variable Neon Slug is one of many colorful nudibranchs that occur on the Great Barrier Reef
It's no secret that this winter's been warmer than normal. Most of us are taking advantage of it; planning outings and running outside, coatless, when we're used to being trapped inside by an angry Old Man Winter.
Originally Published in the LA Daily News So we spent the weekend digging out mud and sludge from the drainage swale above