el nino 2014

Businesses will suffer along with people and places this year if the El Nino event predicted by most climate models hits with its expected wicked strength.
This past May was a scorcher. According to a new report, it was the hottest May in recorded history. Scientists believe the
This story originally appeared on Climate Central. It’s looking more and more certain that an El Niño is in the works and could arrive as soon as early summer — bringing with it warmer global average temperatures, fewer Atlantic hurricanes, and possible drought relief for the U.S. West.
“It’s really within the last week that we can say definitely that it has surfaced,” L’Heureux said. This story originally
(c)2014 the Sun Sentinel (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.) Although the Atlantic basin remains in an era of heightened tropical intensity
By Colin Packham El Nino can cause flooding and heavy rains in the United States and South America and can trigger drought