el seed

This is a modern version of the multi-mirror funhouse in mural form, and Coney Art Walls is bringing it again.
The "Art Silos" project includes works completed during an eight-month installation begun in June 2015 as part of Festival
In Egypt's Garbage City, global street artist eL Seed is honoring the people who help keep Cairo clean.
In the middle of an amusement park, these are commissioned works that respond in some way to their environment by 30 or so local and international heavy hitters, and a few new kids on the block, comprising a 40+ year span of expertise.
The talented, charismatic, popular Iraqi-Canadian rapper named The Narcicyst first appeared on my cultural radar in 2009 when I watched City of Life. In his latest short film, a senses-overload experience titled Rise, Alsalman explores his roots and his ability to step away to comment on them.
Agostino Iacurci. Detail. La Tour Paris 13. (photo © Spencer Elzey) Mosko. Detail. La Tour Paris 13. (photo © Spencer Elzey
The Arab Spring countries of North Africa and the Middle East are ushering in a new generation of contemporary artists, eager
HP: We read a lot about artists in Tunisia protesting censorship. What constraints do you face? ES: I haven't experienced