elaine chao

Rep. Peter DeFazio wants answers about Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao’s possible bias toward Kentucky -- her powerful husband's home state.
Chao has been accused of using her office to benefit herself and her family's shipping company.
"To say one person can represent all the communities of color is ignorant and insulting," one prominent Asian American civil rights advocate said.
Marc Short told Fox News people need to "look at the reality at who’s actually serving in Donald Trump’s Cabinet."
"Why don't you leave our entire country alone?" a customer demands of the Senate majority leader.
Demonstrators in Kentucky shouted "Vote you out" as he left a restaurant.
The activists were asking how her husband, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, sleeps at night.
“I just don’t see a scenario where that’s a positive projection" of the GOP brand, Sen. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.) said.
Idina Menzel sent a pointed message to Elaine Chao: #NoMoreHiding and #NoMoreShame
The transportation secretary later said her comments weren't intended as advice for other women.
“As Asian Americans, we call on Secretary Elaine Chao, an immigrant from Taiwan and woman of color, to be silent no more and stand by us as we fight to protect the DACA and Temporary Protected Status (TPS) programs.”