elaine hendrix

Oh, Dennis Quaid, Elaine Hendrix and director Nancy Meyers will be there, too
We can't stop laughing at this snarky ― and perfectly Meredith Blake ― response to her former co-star's engagement.
Nary a day goes by when Elaine Hendrix isn't approached on the street for her performance as Meredith Blake in the 1998 remake
Elaine Hendrix wakes up and celebrates every day of life with a huge breath of air and a great big smile on her face. She puts passion and love into everything she does, whether it's acting or saving animal's lives.
While Elaine is used to playing different characters, she herself is a character! Remember her in Disney's The Parent Trap and the cult classic Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion? Yes, that Elaine Hendrix.
The show will focus on America, a poor young woman who is chosen by lottery to compete to marry a prince (Peck). "Friday