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The news is still grim. 1. Chuck Rosenberg, the interim head of the DEA and holdover from the Obama administration, will
You may have noticed that Teen Vogue is getting political. At first, this may seem surprising. But to those who have been
What's better than one black cover model? Three black cover models.  Teen Vogue is receiving some much-deserved fanfare after
DooBop.com co-founder, Jodie Patterson and Elaine Welteroth Bethann with supermodel Joan Smalls June Ambrose, Iman and Naomi
The Trick to Copying Beyoncé's Smoky Blue Eyes from Her "Mine" Video Beyoncé's Bold Lip Looks from "No Angel" and "Jealous
While it would be nice to possess the time and skill to contour and glam-up our faces each morning, we're not Kim Kardashian
Why did you decided to go green? Honestly, I got really inspired by the girls I saw when I was in London a few weeks ago