elder care

“The caseworker called and said Mom has 72 hours in the hospital. Then Medicare is kicking her out. Not only that, Mom needs family to provide 24-hour care or she goes to a nursing home.”
Millions of Americans and supporters around the world joined in Women's Marches held on Saturday. We felt so much love, so
• There are legal implications involved • The task involves a physical aspect that you are not capable of • There is prior
They sound similar—but they provide very different services. Here’s an overview regarding the differences between the two
As a widow in her 70s, my mother terrorized several counties in southern Idaho with her erratic driving. She loved to drive fast, but often forgot about rules and regulations.
As age-related health issues make it tougher to get around and stay independent, most seniors at some point will rely on a family member for help. Usually, one or more adult children will step in to provide or arrange for care when that day comes.
• Government programs. Medicare and Veteran Affairs benefits may be available for those that are 65 or older. There's also
Just 2 cents of every dollar an African-American spends goes to Black-owned businesses.
Taking care of the elder ones in our midst doesn't have to be a chore. It could be another opportunity to share love and gain wisdom.