It’s so hard to wrap my head around the fact that I could be old enough to care for both my children and my parents. But here I am.
Authorities have charged Cadesha Bishop with murder in the death of 74-year-old Serge Fournier.
The woman was kicked six times before the attacker left the train.
Using artificial “muscles,” these colorful robot pants could help elderly people and people with disabilities.
Our society is more age-segregated than ever before, and elderly people risk being left out of the online worlds we're building.
Even the Queen of England took notice of Rodney Smith's good deeds.
85-year-old Deirdre Larkin, has the fastest half marathon time in the world in her age division.
"Not too many people our age get to have a romance."
Meals on Wheels is more than just feeding the hungry. It can be a lifeline. One that is in danger of losing federal funding under the Trump budget.
Mom sounded as if she was free and clear of Alzheimer's. Her voice and tone was the mom that I always knew. I wondered how this could be. Is it possible that mom still has moments of being herself? At these times could she have a flashing thought wondering what is happening to her?
Now the good news for Social Security (bad news for Americans) is the United States life expectancy is now 6 months shorter
As we age, our bodies become more fragile. Osteoarthritic, musculoskeletal, neuropathic, and chronic joint pain are all common and difficult to treat.
Realizing that we needed the help of a professional, we did our research and stumbled upon a group of lawyers who specialized
Eat your vegetables. Drink plenty of water. Grains are great. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. And whatever you do, eat a balanced diet that takes a little from each of the five food groups.
When I am interviewed for a podcast or radio show I seem to cringe when I am introduced as my mother's caregiver; for in my very soul, deep in my heart, I am first my mother's daughter and then her caregiver.
According to the 2016 Caregiving Journey Survey from Caring.com, 42% of family caregivers spend $5,000 or more per year on caregiving expenses. Do you have a spare $5000 (or more)? No, you probably don't. A recent report said the average person in this country would be devastated by a $400 emergency.
"I just treated her, really, like she was my grandma, to be honest."