elderly scams

Odalis Lopez is accused of using Rella and Leonard Herman's life savings to go on personal shopping sprees.
The suspect allegedly showed the victim the recording after he complained of money missing from his account.
"I felt like I really knew him closer than anybody that I had known," said Pamela Viles of Sarasota.
An attorney specializing in cybersecurity noted that the scammers play on immigrants' fears.
It's 9 a.m. and I just got my third robocall of the day. Enough already!
Yep, the culprit in many elderly scams is a family caregiver.
Do you remember the first time you encountered an Internet scam? Maybe it was an email scam where if you opened a suspicious email or attachment, you were susceptible to picking up a virus that could harm your computer.
By partnering and using a shared database, they team up on the three Ps of elder financial abuse: Prevention, Protection
About four or five times a day, my home phone rings with people who say I've done business with them before (I haven't) or who say that I asked them to call (I didn't). Increasingly, it is angry-voiced men claiming to be from the IRS or some division of the government who say I owe them money (I don't).
Being a Good Samaritan didn't win him praise from all corners. He said he was surprised to hear from many people who thought
"I caught it in time," she said, "I was up to midnight making calls and working online" to mitigate the damages, she said