election assistance commission

Two-thirds of jurisdictions had a hard time recruiting enough poll workers.
Matthew Masterson, currently chairman of the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, is being removed from his post by Paul Ryan.
In Oregon, voters are steadily being added to the rolls because of a pioneering process.
There is absolutely no justification for abolishing the Election Assistance Commission.
Critics say his appointment sends an unmistakable sign about the direction of the investigation.
“I’m just a very small old country boy from Arkansas in this bigger commission with Vice President Pence, and I’m just going to do the best I can, to be honest.”
The security firm discovered the hacker offering logon credentials for access to computers.
Election officials across the country want to purchase new machines, but funds are scarce.
Without a catalyst of a large state adopting early voting, I expect the early voting rate will again rise modestly in 2016. The trend should continue upward since once a state adopts early voting, the percentage of voters voting early tends to increase from election to election.
Let's strengthen our voting system to continue ensuring the accessibility and accountability our people deserve. We cannot afford another election debacle -- whether by hanging chads or millions of eligible voters left hanging.
While the embarrassing debacle of the 2000 election may seem like a distant memory to some, the unfortunate reality is an encore may be on our doorstep.
"It is kind of disgraceful that we're headed into a major election and the only federal agency that's devoted to election