Election Campaign Ads

Both Democrats and Republicans called Rep. Jeanne Ives' gubernatorial campaign ad "bigoted" and "homophobic."
The billionaire environmentalist commits $30 million to help get younger Americans to the polls.
Sen. Tammy Baldwin is battling more outside spending by conservative groups than all of her Democratic colleagues. Combined.
By Calin Brown Don Blankenship, the former CEO and chair of Massey Energy, filed federal candidacy papers in December, officially
Once almost unthinkable, this is now a distinct possibility.
We spent Monday and Tuesday in “Dewey Defeats Truman” mode, fully preparing to write a piece on the election of Republican
They stayed behind the scenes, but they were involved in the Alabama Senate race for months.
Abortion and Nancy Pelosi are the other two topics of the group's targeted digital ads.
"When you ask a black person about a choice between two white guys, it’s always, well, which one of them are the least of a shyster?"
An openly gay man, a woman and a black man will now compete to serve a district that has never elected a gay, female or black representative.
“Fake news” media, liberal obstructionists and the San Francisco 49ers are all targets of his fundraising fury.