Election Campaigns

The progressive presidential contender’s staff and volunteers have led 11,000 events, according to his campaign.
The party has a history of “brain drain” after every campaign, but they promise that will change this year.
And young women in the industry are generally expected to just laugh it off.
For more than a decade, women alleged that Clay Johnson, a leader in political tech, physically and verbally abused them.
The Facebook CEO finally apologized for the data breach and talked about regulating the company.
Even a conservative talk radio host objects: "Come on, man. It doesn't make any sense."
A backlash to the president is helping the party pick up seats in state legislatures.
It’s not just about progressives practicing what they preach.
Democrats have dominated at the ballot box during Trump's time in office.
Democrats have called the four-page memo misleading.
Justice Department officials have issued warnings on the potential dangers of making the classified information public.
The speaker of the House implored Republicans not to broadly disparage law enforcement or undermine an ongoing criminal investigation.
The memo's release is part of a sustained GOP attack on investigations into Trump and Russia.
The head of a watchdog group called it “one of the most grotesque abuses of power that has occurred in Wisconsin in its history.”
"This is a president who is just getting to know people, and that’s part of those conversations,” said Ronna Romney McDaniel.
Realistically, Trump's promise that our southern neighbor would finance the wall was never going to happen.
The former reality television star successfully made himself the center of attention – but probably not in the way he and his supporters had hoped.