election cycle

If the recent election cycle has taught me anything it is that people have wildly divergent ideas about what constitutes success. For many, it is purely a dollar amount, punctuated by gold gilt wives, plastic children and fussy furniture.
The media didn't "get" the Donald Trump or Senator Bernie Sanders phenomena because so many in the media are way out of touch with the American people. They look at politics through their own eyes, and the eyes of their media colleagues and not the eyes of the American people.
Candidates running for national office never miss an opportunity to share their solutions on the many problems facing our
Politicians from both parties have proved this election cycle that they're desperate to court millennials.
The fact is that men are, statistically and politically, in the minority in this country -- so why does everyone seem to act like women are?
It seems with each passing election the campaigns get longer and longer, sort of like a bad recurring nightmare. The duration of England's last round of elections? One month.