election denier

Fortune 500 companies and major trade groups provided a surge of cash to Sens. Ted Budd and Markwayne Mullin in the final days of the midterms.
Did election denier Kari Lake (R) break state law with a tweet claiming to show proof of voter fraud? Arizona’s secretary of state seems to think so.
The high-profile appointments give the lawmakers a platform to cast further doubt on the integrity of elections.
Failed candidate is demanding court throw out certified election results, and she be declared the winner or a new vote held.
Republican conspiracy theorists put democracy on the ballot in contests to oversee swing-state election systems. They all lost.
The transportation secretary spoke to Stephen Colbert about what it means to live in a democracy.
The Mesa County clerk who was under indictment for tampering with voting machines lost to a Republican who acknowledged the 2020 vote was legitimate.
The party is hoping to shape GOP primaries to favor beatable candidates, but some fear they’re playing with fire.
A far-right election denier, backed by Donald Trump, won the Republican nomination for Pennsylvania governor.