election forecasts

Here's how we blew it and what we're doing to prevent a repeat.
But we're four days out, and things are looking good for the Democratic nominee.
Plenty of people seem ready to freak out, but the race remains as it was.
Hillary Clinton still has a strong advantage in the Electoral College, but her supporters need to vote if she's going to win.
The GOP nominee's numbers haven't dropped much in the past week, but he was already losing.
Democrats have a 78 percent chance of getting 50-plus seats in November, the HuffPost Senate model shows.
He got the nomination, but election forecasts indicate he has a lot of work to do.
This chart shows the Republican poll estimates averaged across competitive states (including states that were once competitive
We might pick up a few very late polls this election morning, but even so, it is well and truly time to list some forecasts. The model confidently predicts that Obama wins the election, with the probability of 270 Electoral College votes or more now up to 91.4 percent.
Morton Kondracke, Fox News host Winner: Obama Electoral College: Obama 379 McCain 159 Senate Seats: 57 Democrats 41 Republicans