Election Predictions

The swinging needle of poll-watcher anxiety was nowhere to be seen at the start of election night.
What is Allan Lichtman's prediction for the 2016 Presidential election? originally appeared on Quora - the knowledge sharing
The history of presidential elections is, at times, polarizing and unpredictable and this year's election seems to top them
What do you think? As of July, 24% of US Adults say they have turned to the social media posts of Donald Trump or Hillary
One of mankind's great passions (and fantasies) is the hope that we can both predict and control the future. And never does this belief become more fashionable -- and expensive -- than during a Presidential election.
Sometimes, in life, you succeed on your own merits. But other times, you need a little something extra. And when the media thinks that they've caught on to that "something extra," they've got a term for it: the secret weapon.
There could be 10 or more Republican candidates by this summer. That might be when Hillary Clinton gets around to officially
Time, flat circle, et cetera. Marriage equality! Ginger Gibson, The International Business Times: "The Supreme Court could
We've got six states in the Too Close To Call category, but fear not! After providing a rundown of the races, I am adding a section below where I make my own picks for each of them (since it is Election Eve, after all, and thus time to put up or shut up).
There are many sources of uncertainty in election polling other than sampling error. One source of error that looms large in this year's closest races is undecided voters -- people who say they are going to vote, but don't know (or won't say) which candidate they prefer.