Election Reaction

In 2012, the Harvard Business School student body polled 65-32 in favor of Obama over Romney. We skewed liberal, but you
Where do we go from here? Debrief and Define - Americans on both sides of the electorate need to ask themselves who they
What can we all learn from this that can help us in our HBS studies and in our careers after graduation? This topic brings
These elections brought reality in front of us. We believed we were in a country where citizens would not vote for a candidate temperamentally unsound, racially biased, and misogynist. We also believed in the political discourse of mass media that constantly supported Clinton. It turns out that we all were wrong. The "silent majority" of angry, white working class voters was louder this time.
Johnson won by nine percentage points among the 65% of voters who said that the economy was the most important issue facing
Americans turned out at the polls in record numbers today. According to MSNBC: Americans were voting in numbers unprecedented
This Thanksgiving weekend, as I watched events unfold abroad, I was most grateful that the foolishness of election time is over.
Will Smith joined Oprah on Thursday and talked about how moved he was when the election was officially called for Barack
It was one year ago today that Hillary Clinton announced plans to suspend her campaign for the Democratic nomination, and urged her supporters to unite behind Barack Obama.
Republicans, armed with private investigators, are pursuing a new strategy to preserve their power: take away part-time residents