election rigging

Democrats may be making a very serious error, one that could play right into Trump’s tiny hands.
Trump has warned that the election process is "rigged," and if he loses, it will mean the election was stolen from him. How does Trump think election rigging would actually occur?
Madagascar's recent election, on Dec. 20, 2013, offers important lessons for western policymakers seeking to repair broken democracies. The Indian Ocean island may seem politically irrelevant, but the lessons it can teach us should not be ignored.
The proposal by Pileggi would distribute Pennsylvania's electoral votes proportionally, based on the popular vote. In the
As the saying goes, if you can't beat them, join them. Or, if it's 2013 and you're the Republican party, if you can't beat them, change the rules of the game so you can at least give yourself a shot.
According to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and other electoral experts - partisan voter purges are taking place in Florida, Colorado
The underhanded tactics my co-author Allen Raymond employed to win elections for ten years are by no means confined to one party, and they permeate every level of electioneering.
From HOW TO RIG AN ELECTION: Confessions of a Republican Operative: What was I going to say? "You can't trust these guys