election security

Former President Donald Trump still denies that he lied when he riled up supporters by claiming the election was stolen.
Election officials are taking on election hacking and interference in preparation for 2020.
Voting in early caucus and primary states is slated to begin in February.
The Republican Senate leader, who railed against the nickname "Moscow Mitch," announced his support for $250 million in funds to beef up voting systems.
A GOP organization's new TV ad uses the Trump-supporting senator's old promise against him.
The Senate majority leader voiced frustration over the moniker, given him for blocking two election security bills.
The Senate majority leader is facing new pressure to act on stalled election security bills.
Congressional Democrats are pushing for election security measures that are opposed by Republican leadership.
The freshman lawmaker has a few words about McConnell's leadership skills.
Republicans say states already have enough funds to do so.