The basic purpose of the government and its bureaucracy is to fulfill the needs of the people they govern. The champions of democracy who are carrying out sit-ins in Islamabad, are they really giving the people their right?
Republican Bradley Byrne sailed to victory in a special election for an Alabama seat in the U.S. House of Representatives
Hey, he gives it a try! Noticing that he has to "segue" between "Iran" and "Chris Christie" he puts the two things together
Fairfax County's Electoral Board said Saturday that the modification affects hundreds of voters, and WTOP added that both
It wasn't a midterm election year, so Election 2013 didn't change the mostly male make-up in Washington. But female mayors in a number of U.S. cities won election or reelection Tuesday. And women voters played a starring role in at least one state's hotly contested gubernatorial election.
1. Six. 2. Four, for Democrats. 11. Seven, exclusive to Virginia. 13. Three, exclusive to Pennsylvania. 10. Five, underrated
Will Cruz try it again? Democrats have to hope so. Obamacare isn’t popular, and it has flaws and drawbacks that Cruz, among
Many of us were excited last night, and that's a normal sentiment when such tremendous progress took place. But in order to continue on that path of advancement for all, we cannot allow ourselves to become complacent.
Christie wanted as clear and as resounding a win as could be mustered tonight -- so much so that he arranged for the New