elections 2015

What will it take to motivate Dems to revive their party? How about thousands of Kentuckians being kicked off health insurance?
The local elections could have a big national impact.
Voters elected Republicans and rejected progressive ballot initiatives, including anti-discrimination and marijuana legalization measures.
Publicly funded candidates will now have more resources to fight back against super PACs.
His Democratic opponent was a truck driver who spent only $3,000 on his campaign.
I'm running for Aldine School Board because I'm an activist, and I will stand up when the system is wrong, but life would be better if we can inspire the system to stay on course. We must not accept a system that takes the joy out of learning and teaching.
The effort to democratize the funding of city elections could inspire other efforts across the country.
But voter ID laws could prevent indigenous Canadians from exercising their democratic right.
Waiting in the wings is the Democratic nominee, Attorney General Jack Conway, who comfortably won his own race Tuesday. History
In the statement, Conway also announced his selection of state Rep. Sannie Overly as his running mate for lieutenant governor