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This post was co-authored by Mary Lunetta, the Sierra Club's Electric Vehicles Initiative Campaign Representative. For a
Wouldn't it be terrific if these EV ads were more the rule and not the rare exception? The Union of Concerned Scientists
There is no doubt that China remains firmly committed to accelerate its energy transition. Thus for the new administration, the question looms whether it will surrender U.S. leadership not just in climate change diplomacy but also in the energy businesses of the future.
This post was co authored by Katherine Clements, a Legal Assistant with Sierra Club's Environmental Law Program. For the
Automakers also are asking the new Administration to review the Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) program followed by California
We can't think narrowly about climate as we go forward, we have to think more politically about the overall balance of jobs
That's why it's vitally important we build new political constituencies as a part of the clean energy transition. Because the effort to halt climate change doesn't end when we swap out coal plants for solar and wind farms or gas guzzlers for electric vehicles.
Up until now, we have been willing to spend five figures on machines that are unused 95 percent of the time because, during
Spanning across 212 cities, 46 U.S. states, and seven countries, this year's sixth annual National Drive Electric Week yielded
Have you ever thought about switching to an electric vehicle (EV)? Duped drivers of so-called "clean diesel" Volkswagen cars in particular may be in the market.