Electronic health record

An investigation reveals alarming reports of patient deaths and serious injuries tied to software glitches and user errors in record-keeping systems across the country.
We have a long way to go in assessing -- and addressing -- the safety and efficacy of electronic medical records.
It's 3 a.m. My patient just delivered a healthy baby boy. She's exhausted but thrilled. Her husband is just thrilled. I'm
The results of the Physician Satisfaction Study, sponsored by the RAND corporation and the AMA, became available last week. One of the biggest items found to interfere with physician satisfaction is the current state of electronic medical records documentation.
But the report asserts that the Obama administration's push to use billions of dollars in stimulus money helping doctors
I know there are many tools developed and being developed out there to create my master personal health record. Whether my record is on a disc, on a card, in the cloud or on some yet-undefined system, the goal is to get our records online.
We need to create the infrastructure for a new kind of health system: one that brings clinic and community together.