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Another track inspired in part by a hideous Tory, this time much loved national treasure, tax exile and easy lover, Phil
With the freedom of an independent release, the trio decided to put the album out two tracks at a time as doubles instead
Photo by Jason Kruppa Aiming for a particular style, Russ hand-picked his team of musicians like a curator with the intent
Spending its third year at this location, Symbiosis Gathering threw their last hoorah at Woodward Reservoir, and what a hoorah
Driving from Los Angeles to Belden Town in Northern California is a trek of scenic bliss. As oceans and cactus are replaced
Jake Atlas, better known as Thriftworks, is back at it again with his second full album release of 2016, Red Leopard. The
As a result, however, she has found inspiration in the many women who have made it in the industry and are currently reshaping
The accompanying video to "Sommer" is an avant-garde art piece that was set in an old Copenhagen theater and was directed
Industry workshops will be offered with the intent of connecting artists with promoters from all over the Midwestern markets
An unexpected Drake performance. Kesha's epic comeback. The internet was buzzing about Sunday's Mad Decent Block Party at
Kryder's longtime partner-in-crime, Tom Staar, is a huge part of The Cartel, being one of the few people whom he can trust
"When your future calls, don't let nothing hold you down."
While incorporating peace, love, unity, and respect can positively impact your day-to-day life, sharing these values with a crowd of over 400,000 is not something you get to experience every day.
Dantiez: I think Kim really brought her magic to it too, vocally. She's like an instrument herself, so very powerful vocals
Website | Facebook | Event Famous for their unique branding, picturesque stage design, and masterfully curated lineups, the
See also: Journey Into Psychedelia With Toronto Duo, OVER Similar to their first release, the music video for "Thelma's Cooked
Atyya's music has found a home in the ears and hearts of the transformational festival community and is deeply immersed within
In Barcelona, one of the world's most culturally vibrant cities, music meets technology every year for three days in June. Sónar 2016, with an artist roster as diverse as its attendees, exemplified why it is one of the most important electronic events on the calendar.
Shlump Celebrating their 5th and biggest year, Infrasound Music Festival 2016 took place in Highbridge, Wisconsin, an expansive