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The French electronic duo released a nearly eight-minute video announcing they're parting ways.
Despite the fact that he's a hideous Tory shit, I've always loved the track 'Everything's Alright' from Andrew Lloyd Webber's
With the freedom of an independent release, the trio decided to put the album out two tracks at a time as doubles instead
Russell Scott is a Portland, Oregon native who is trained in the trumpet, saxophone, and flute, among other things. He artfully
There was so much to see and do that it was nearly impossible to see and do it all. With the stages being so far apart, it
The live artists on display showcased some of the most diverse styles I've seen at a festival in quite some time. While transformational
Jake Atlas, better known as Thriftworks, is back at it again with his second full album release of 2016, Red Leopard. The
Website | Facebook | Soundcloud Hailing from the clean beaches of Orange County is Vanessa Barnes, a multi-faceted badass
The accompanying video to "Sommer" is an avant-garde art piece that was set in an old Copenhagen theater and was directed