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Trump claims 3 million people illegally voted in 2016. But he's relentlessly sabotaged recounts in three states that could
They claim electronic voting machine tallies in key states show discrepancies that hurt Clinton.
And, given Russia's apparent interest in our election and alleged hacking of the Democratic National Committee and other
The "Election Infrastructure and Security Promotion Act of 2016" would: • Designates voting systems as critical infrastructure
Judiciary Committee Ranking Member John Conyers (MI-13), Steve Cohen (TN-09), Mike Honda (CA-17), David Scott (GA-13) and
Democracy, I wrote during the last presidential go-around, "asserts that public policy is everyone's business, and that the
The 2014 midterm election results may have been a complete farce. All it takes is one insider who knows how to flip a switch and the outcome changes. When it comes to voting, should we trust our votes to a computer that doesn't even spit out a receipt for confirmation? Do you trust your voting machine manufacturer?
It's remarkable that in a world where it seems everything is becoming more digitized, most of the globe still elects their political leaders with pencil and paper. Only a peculiarly-diverse handful of countries -- including Belgium, Brazil, India and Venezuela -- use electronic voting machines nationwide.
The question is how can we improve this technology to bring our polling places and voting experience into the 21st century? And how do we pay for this technology?
According to exit polls, Narendra Modi is likely to be declared the next Prime Minister of India. The only thing that might stand in his way is an electronic voting machine (EVM).
Voting reforms like these should not be stuck in the long lines of partisan bickering, but should be passed to ensure that every eligible citizen who wants to participate in the process may cast a ballot on the next Election Day.
If the popular vote in the 2012 election is down in New York City, you can blame it on the new voting machines -- and , of course, on the devastation caused by Sandy.
Does anyone seriously have confidence in these machines anymore?
In 2010, computer scientists from the University of Michigan and Princeton hacked a touch-screen voting machine, installing the video game Pac-Man. Could comparable voting systems in Ohio be subverted to alter the presidential vote tally?
In the United States, 35 percent of this year's general election votes will be cast on electronic voting machines that that are said to have been "designed with insufficient attention to computer security."
However, Halderman, of the University of Michigan, was part of a team of researchers in 2006 that found a hacker with access
Mah told HuffPost she does not believe there is a history of fraud issues related to voter ID and that Kobach should stop
States that have hybrid systems in place -- with some counties having paper trail machines while others rely on paperless
Joanne Rajoppi, the county clerk of Union County, N.J., who was elected president of the International Association of Clerks