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Case is one of four in the U.S. announced Friday. Oregon school is closed for deep cleaning as staff and students are checked for symptoms
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An 11-year-old was removed from class for speaking out repeatedly against her classmates giving the Sieg Heil salute.
Teachers at an Indiana elementary school said they were told to kneel against a wall and then were shot from behind with an airsoft gun without warning.
Founded by the Selenna Foundation in 2017, the Chilean school's enrollment has grown from the five students to 22.
Curtis Jenkins bought Christmas gifts for every child on his elementary school bus route — and he's planning more kind gestures for the future.
Under a new curriculum, students would be required to master the craft by the end of elementary school.
Whether it's at school, on the soccer field or online, here's how you can help.
Edward Abernathy was put on administrative leave after he was accused of the theft.