elena ferrante

Consciousness can be raised through any medium, including one that can cost over $100 a month.
“My Brilliant Friend” will hopefully become a brilliant show.
By Annie Mark-Westfall In Germany, the question ‘How are you?’ is not the meaningless throwaway that it is in the U.S. I
Throughout Frantumaglia, Ferrante's understandable frustration with journalists' obsession about her identity grows, turning
Illustrator Mara Cerri talks about her illustrations, and the author’s playful balance of dark and light.
I haven't read "Frantumaglia" yet, but, damn, the cover is powerful in itself.
Italian journalist Claudio Gatti has published new allegations about the identity of the novelist who goes by the name of Elena Ferrante.
Don't listen to Ferrante's outers or Kardashian's haters, who say that women who shy away from publicity are inviting exposure and women court publicity are inviting attack. Listen to women themselves when they declare how much privacy they want.
Gatti is a coward, but he is not exceptional; Ferrante is exceptional. What he did is so boring that it's a cliché. A woman asserts something as clearly as possible. And a man tells her, no, this is what you really meant.
Elena Ferrante’s obfuscated identity was part of her art. Naturally, we had to go and ruin it.
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