HuffPost traveled to Nigeria to document efforts to fight this illness.
HuffPost traveled to Nigeria and Congo to film the devastating toll that three illnesses take on local people, and what’s being done to help.
Nearly half the population of Congo is at risk for elephantiasis, which can produce hugely swollen body parts.
They help in areas far from health centers where up to 80 percent of people may be infected with a neglected tropical disease.
I have never been one to shy away from a challenge. Whether taking the train into New York City by myself as a young teen to attend dance classes with Alvin Ailey, or deciding at the age of 40 to abandon a career in the arts to get involved in the HIV/AIDS crisis, or, just ten years ago, taking the helm of one of the oldest NGOs in the U.S.
While valiant efforts have been made to bring nutrition to people who are affected by such illnesses, experts say the diseases
They strike in early childhood, affecting first children's education and later their productivity. Some people with leprosy
We hope Stephens' story has an ending similar to another woman who experienced previously unexplainable swelling. Last year
Haiti is not an easy place to fight disease even in the best of times. For decades, poverty, government instability and other realities often stood in the way of success. This is why the recent data showing Haiti is protecting its entire population from lymphatic filariasis is a milestone.
Emily Blunt, Eddie Redmayne and a number of other stars have joined END7’s campaign to fight and control the seven most prevalent
We're at risk of failing the poorest nations if we don't step up our efforts to address a health concern that's connected to the success of nearly every important socio-economic development milestone. I'm talking about neglected tropical diseases.
It's not easy to introduce neglected tropical diseases, or NTDs, to first time audiences. The truth is they may be the most important diseases of girls and women you have never heard of.
In London today, global health leaders announced an unprecedented commitment to control or eliminate 10 diseases by the end of this decade.
Notre Dame is offering Professor Karen Richman's "Creole Language and Culture" class as a free online course, recommended for anyone planning to participating in the Haitian relief effort.
How was it possible that diseases that make life miserable for one out of every six people on earth had gone virtually unnoticed?