“Is it socialism when Frank Luntz is publicly owned?” joked one wag on Twitter.
The woman, a cleaning employee, got stuck in the home elevator while working, officials said.
The six passengers, including one pregnant woman, were left stranded for almost three hours.
Her body was found by maintenance workers in the Chinese city of Xi'an.
I was reading emails on my phone while waiting for an elevator that would take me to the first floor to exit the building. I pushed the button and waited alone in a three-story office building comprised of various professions: doctors offices, law practices, a podiatrist and a zit popper.
It's really easy to glance at the rating, scroll through the pictures, check the price and check out. If I was booking a hotel, I'd never have to think twice: I expect all my hotel comforts to be sitting and waiting there for me. But unfortunately, hotel comforts aren't standard in residential buildings.
Relationships are hard. Conflict is everywhere. Lately, Michelle has been trying to blame Lev's farts on me, even though -- and I swear I am not making this up -- only one of us can hiccup and fart at the same time, and it's not me. (Tried. Can't.)
Stop the insanity. There are other elevators. Wait for the next one, just like we waited for this one. Or climb out of bed a little earlier. Spend a little less time in front of the mirror. Lay out your clothes the night before. Stop staring at the Internet and get moving. Whatever it takes to arrive at this elevator before the doors begin to close.
Elevators have been around since Roman times, but "modern" elevators (aka the ones we see in office buildings now), were
Elevator Flies up 31 floors in 15 seconds
If the recent Solange/Jay Z fight has taught us anything, it's that elevators are just weird. Announce that you're running
Is it time to push the "up" button on the space elevator?
It makes it much more difficult for something to be titillating, "bad" and exciting when it's as commonplace as Diet Coke.