Eli Roth

The "Hostel" filmmaker and actress Lorenza Izzo married in 2014.
If you were married to a famous filmmaker and that person cheated on you, how would you make that person pay for it? One possibility is that you could force your philandering spouse to write and direct a movie like Knock Knock, an infidelity cautionary tale written and directed by horror prince Eli Roth and starring Keanu Reeves, Ana de Armas, and Roth's real-life wife Lorenza Izzo.
If Eli Roth has concerns about the plight of Amazonian tribes, perhaps he could use his platform to expose the threats to their homelands and way of life instead of portraying them as animalistic cannibals.
A punto de estrenar su nueva película "The Green Inferno" en el Festival de Cine de Roma, Eli Roth dio una de las Conferencias de Prensa más divertidas de la Muestra en la que habló de su gusto por el gore y los conflictos internos que dictan sus películas.
Remember that scene in Dumbo where he's a baby and his mother is rocking him in her trunk and everyone is crying, especially me? That scene wrecked me. Years of therapy can't remove that image from my memory and it wasn't even real.