eliot engel

The veteran congressman's defeat is a big win for the progressive left and a crushing blow for the Democratic establishment.
The top contenders to replace him as chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee are unlikely to use the post to push for dramatic change.
The left is getting more sophisticated at winning campaigns, and progressive Democratic primary challengers now have an “ecosystem” at their disposal.
The Bronx middle school principal has a strong early lead to unseat longtime Rep. Eliot Engel even though ballots are still being counted.
Ballots in the Democratic primary are still being counted in Jamaal Bowman’s bid to unseat longtime Rep. Eliot Engel.
Incumbent House members and establishment favorites are on the defensive as progressive hopefuls ride an activist upswell.
The Empire State is again the site of spirited fights over the direction of the Democratic Party.
A last-minute effort to quash a challenge from Bronx principal Jamaal Bowman tests Israel hawks' reach in increasingly progressive enclaves.
Bowman’s bid to unseat Rep. Eliot Engel, a New York Democrat, is gaining momentum.
The Working Families Party and Justice Democrats announced a $500,000-plus advertising blitz to elect Democratic primary challenger Jamaal Bowman.