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The Democratic nominee is virtually assured of winning the general election in early November and becoming the city's chief
HuffPollster’s average, which includes all publicly available polling, gives a slight advantage to Stringer, whose support
Eliot Spitzer: I'll Be NYC Comptroller For One Dollar A Year
It was the final debate for the two candidates ahead of the September 10 Democratic primary. A Quinnipiac poll released earlier
"Yeah, he could," Paterson said Monday. "Scott Stringer is a good choice on his own. There doesn't have to be a comparison
The New York Post endorsed Scott Stringer on Saturday for New York City comptroller by pillorying his opponent, former New
In recent weeks, Spitzer has been a frequent presence on the city's airwaves, releasing two new television ads that play
Sixteen percent of voters statewide say the attention is "no big deal." Just 8 percent find it entertaining. The poll questioned
He also disputed Spitzer's claim that his years in the governor's mansion were a success, reminding viewers of Spitzer's
The New York Post reports Flake had originally supporter Stringer, but now says he'll remain neutral in the race, reportedly
A candidate for New York City comptroller was arrested Tuesday for selling prescription drugs. On her campaign website, Davis
"[Stringer] is someone who is thinking about the future of this city in a way that's inclusive," de Blasio said. "He is someone
Alarmed by Eliot Spitzer’s momentum in his unexpected bid to win citywide office, an unlikely coalition of business leaders
A Quinnipiac University poll released Monday revealed that Weiner dropped to fourth place in the New York City mayoral run
In a New York Times piece published July 7, Spitzer jumped into the race, saying that he was "hopeful there will be forgiveness
Anthony Weiner and Eliot Spitzer are the central figures of two of the last decade's biggest political sex scandals. What's
Jay Leno took his jabs at Spitzer last week for being "involved in the most degrading profession of all time," but Spitzer
"The New York Times reports that you and your wife still live in separate apartments. Now you have slapped down any rumors
The campaign had previously announced the total income, but didn't break it into the broad categories seen in the IRS documents
Spitzer announced his plans to run for New York City comptroller on July 7, his first foray back into politics since his