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For Stringer, the comptroller's race was his latest attempt to scale to new heights in New York politics. He'd toyed with
A third survey, by the Democratic firm Public Policy Polling, showed de Blasio at a similar 38 percent, with Thompson at
Eliot Spitzer: I'll Be NYC Comptroller For One Dollar A Year
Eliot Spitzer said he'll work as New York City comptroller for only $1 a year--the same salary as Mayor Michael Bloomberg
In debates and public appearances, Stringer has slammed Spitzer hard over his resignation in 2008 after getting caught patronizing
The New York Post endorsed Scott Stringer on Saturday for New York City comptroller by pillorying his opponent, former New
Democratic voters haven't forgotten the scandal that drove Spitzer out of the governor's office -- he resigned after admitting
ALBANY, N.Y. — A new poll shows that most New Yorkers watching Anthony Weiner (WEE'-nur) and Eliot Spitzer in political races
He also disputed Spitzer's claim that his years in the governor's mansion were a success, reminding viewers of Spitzer's
“The road to redemption is paved with forgiveness,” said Reverend Daryl Bloodsaw, according to Politicker. “He’s come back
Davis, who claims to have once supplied opponent Eliot Spitzer with prostitutes, was scheduled to appear in federal court
Two polls recently found Spitzer to be leading the race. De Blasio pointed to Spitzer's rival, current Manhattan Borough
Alarmed by Eliot Spitzer’s momentum in his unexpected bid to win citywide office, an unlikely coalition of business leaders
During an appearance on MSNBC's "Hardball" on Monday, host Chris Matthews asked Spitzer, "If a public official used their
In a New York Times piece published July 7, Spitzer jumped into the race, saying that he was "hopeful there will be forgiveness
Spitzer also played along with Colbert in 2010 when the comedy host suggested he could be honest because Spitzer had "no
"The New York Times reports that you and your wife still live in separate apartments. Now you have slapped down any rumors
In previous runs for attorney general and governor, Spitzer released his complete income tax returns. His reluctance to do
"Yes," Spitzer replied without hesitation. "I think, look, I hate to hide behind the line, 'Life is complicated.' But what